2016 BayCon returns to San Mateo Marriott SFO

Article by Sumiko Saulson, Images Courtesy of Emerian Rich

The theme for BayCon 2016 is “It’s All About Space!” The convention takes place Friday May 27 through Monday May 30, 2016. For the first time in nearly a decade, it is returning to the San Mateo Marriott San Francisco Airport, located at 1770 S Amphlett Blvd in San Mateo, CA. The full program is now available online.

“The team of people who puts this convention together has been at this hotel before, and has also produced Westercon at this location,” said Heather Stern, onsite Music Programmer

In keeping with this year’s theme, the convention has selected as its 2016 charity SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Guests of honor include Hugo and Nebula award-winning author David Gerrold, who wrote the legendary Star Trek original series episode “The Trouble With Tribbles,” artist Chris Butler, F.R.A.S. whose subjects include space, nature and the sea, and Anastasia Hunter of the Gaslight Gathering (a steampunk convention), and author Lawrence Schoen, founder of the Klingon Language Institute. The Library Bards will be this year’s toastmasters.

“The new venue’s interior architecture and this year’s theme are a great pairing!” said Durelle Kurlinski, head of the Craft/ Maker’sRoom

For the third year in a row, BayCon is hosting a variety show. Some of this year’s space-themed panels include, “Are We Alone in The Universe?” “Star Trek – Why We Still Love It,” and “Colonization of Mars.”

“Programming is wall to wall with great panel topics and demos. The eveningevents promise to be all kinds of fun. I’m really impressed!” said Lillian Csernica, author of “The Writer’s Spellbook

Although BayCon is science-fiction and fantasy focused, horror authors will also be present. Horror.netwill present a panel and debut its new horror fairytale anthology, “Once Upon A Scream”. Other horror-themed panels include “Terror in Outerspace: At the intersection of horror and science fiction,” and “Frankenstein at 200: It’s Alive!”

“I really like the new ideas brought to the program this year and the DIY room just keeps getting better and better,” said Emerian Rich of Horror.net

BayCon is continuing its commitment to accessibility at the new venue. This includes dedicated seating, quiet spaces, and other accommodations for disabled guests. Panels discussions like “Disability representations (or lack thereof) in comics, genre literature, film and television” and “Space for Our Differences” also reflect BayCon’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.

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