Pruda Bass releases his fifth Reggae album, Love Love Love


Article by Sumiko Saulson,

Image Courtesy of Pruda Bass

June 1, 2016 marked the release of Oakland reggae artist Pruda Bass’ fifth solo album, “Love Love Love.” Born into a musical family learning piano, Pruda first learned to play the electric bass guitar in 1988. The following year he started playing with Grammy nominated Emmit Powell and The Gospel Elites.

“That’s like my Pruda Bass musical journey in service date, where I put both feet in the music vehicle, and got on board,” said Pruda

He toured with the band for the next eleven years. They played in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Istanbul, Finland, Holland, the United States, and Canada. They even performed at the Sydney Australian Opera House.

“A real fantastic voyage is a way to sum up this ongoing journey, indeed, I share with aspiring artists. Follow the dream achieve it,” said Pruda

In 1984 he performed with Maestro Oscar Preston, who is related to the famous composer/pianist Billy Preston. He also shared the stage with The Mighty Clouds of Joy gospel quartet, Dorothy Norwood, Commissioned, Mississippi Mass Choir ,Richard Smallwood, Rev.Bobby Jones, George Benson, Bernie Man, Yellowman, Yami Bolo, Edi Fitzroy, and Sister I Live.

After years on tour, he returned to California.

“Since returning to The Bay Area from Los Angeles, where I lived for little over 5 years, I play in many local churches and church programs. I call it making a joyful noise. I’m grateful for the gift. These are exciting times. Every day is a campaign,” said Pruda

Pruda feels strongly about the positivity of the Bay Area’s musical scene and wants to support other up-and-coming artists.

“For a long time Oakland has been a positive, strong, supportive, diverse scene. Oakland is positive. Good people help Oakland to be on the creative maps. The Oakland Bay Area scene, to sum it up, equals nice,” said Pruda

His albums are available on iTunes, Amazon Records, Reids Records, and Rasputin Music. He gets his inspiration from a lot of things, including his work as a caregiver.

“’Love Love Love’, the title of my Reggae album came to me from looking at so many people are hurting, so many people are suffering. My inspiration is makingReggae music with a message and promoting being kind to someone, compassion for others. Kind of like caregiver style, caring for others leaves a great feeling indeed,” said Pruda

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